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manolo chrétien


manolo  chrétien
About the Artists:

Manolo Chretien is fascinated by the fantastic machines created to accelerate time and gain superpowers. Planes, cars, spaceships are the symbol of a world constantly moving and pushing boundaries. These metal objects are irresistibly attractive. They are the mirror of human ambition. Using an innovative technique of print on aluminium, the artist can make his pictures metal objects too - through which we are invited to reflect.

In his latest series 'anemorphoses', Manolo Chretien explores the symbiosis of light and water and the mechanical energy of sea waves - the ocean becoming a gigantic metalic engine.

Manolo Chretien (b.1966) lives and works in Blois. He is represented by several galleries in Paris, Brussels, Montreal, Singapore and in London with >french art studio since 2009.


Born in 1966.

Lives and works in France.

Represented in France, Belgium, Singapore, Canada and UK. 

Represented by >french art studio since 2008. 




group shows

'Materpiece' >french art studio (London, UK)


group shows

'So Fresh, so French', >french art studio (London, UK)


Solo shows

‘Hommage à Antoine de Saint Exupery’, Art Cube (Paris, France)

‘Espace Manolo Chretien’, Galerie PromenArts (Ile de Ré, France)

‘BMV Citillusions’, Espace George V (Paris, France)

‘Anémorphoses’, Galerie Arnaud Bard (Boulogne, France)

Group Shows

‘Spring Group Show’, >french art studio (London, UK)

‘XLX’, Galerie Arnaud Bard, (Boulogne, France)



Solo shows

‘Aluminations’, Red Sea Gallery (Singapore)

‘Aluminations’, Galerie Shainintr (Bangkok, Thailand)

‘Légendaires’, Galerie ArtCube (Paris, France)

‘Nouveauz Nez’, Galerie FAE (Boulogne, France)



Solo shows

‘Aluminations’, >french art studio (London, UK)

‘Transmission’, Galerie FAE (Boulogne, France)

Galerie Francois Giraudeau (Saint Martin de Ré, France)

Group shows

>french art studio (London, UK)



Solo shows

‘Vol de nuit’, Galerie ArtCube (Paris, France)

‘Carte Blanche’, Galerie FAE (Boulogne, France)

Group shows

Galerie Leroyer (Montreal, Canada)



Solo shows

‘Nouveaux Nez Aluminations’, Galerie Francois Giraudeau (Paris, France)

‘Nouveaux Nez Aluminations’, Galerie Mauger Modern (London, UK)

Group shows

Galerie du Levant (Porto Vecchio, Corsica)



Solo shows

‘Juste Ciel”, Galerie Ricco (Calvi, Corsica)

‘Tombés du ciel”, Galerie FAE (Boulogne, France)

‘Juste-Ciel Aluminations”, Galerie Francois Giraudeau (Saint Martin en Ré, France)

‘Must Move”, Galerie Taiss (Paris, France)

‘New York Aluminations’, Espace Culturel Porte Côté (Blois, France)

Group shows

Galerie Chiefs and Spirits (La Haye, Neetherlands)



Solo shows

‘Juste Ciel’, Musée de l’air & de l’Espace (Le Bourget, France)

‘New York Aluminations’, Galerie Francois Giraudeau (Paris, France)

‘Juste Ciel’, Galerie Francois Giraudeau (Ile de Ré, France)

‘Juste-Ciel & New York Aluminations’, Galerie Baltazar (Brussels, France)

‘Juste Ciel’, Galerie FAE (Boulogne, France)

‘Juste Ciel & NY Aluminations’, Galerie Tesson (Cheverny, France)

‘Juste Ciel’, Galerie Petit Jean (Aix-en-provence, France)

‘Juste Ciel’, Galerie Isabelle Laverny (Paris, France)

‘Juste Ciel’, Galerie Quintessence (Saint Tropez, France)

‘Juste Ciel & NY Aluminations’, Galerie W (Paris, France)

‘Juste Ciel & NY Aluminations’, Galerie Baltazar (Brussels, Belgium)

‘NY Citillusions’, Galerie Anti-reflets (Nantes, France)



Solo shows

‘Juste Ciel’, Aéroclub de France (Paris, France)

‘Juste Ciel’, Salon du Bourget (Le Bourget, France)

‘Effets Mer’, Galerie Francois Giraudeau (Ile de Re, France)

‘Juste Ciel’, Cultural Space (Blois, France)

‘NY Aluminations & Juste Ciel’, Galerie W (Paris, France)



Solo shows

‘Juste Ciel’, Galerie Anti reflets (Nantes, France)

“’uste Ciel’, Young Gallery (Bruxelles, Belgium)

‘Intime Loire’, Galerie Carla Milivinti (Blois, France)



Solo shows

‘Juste Ciel’, Galerie Carla Milivinti (Blois, France)

‘Effets Mer’, LBD (Blois, France)

‘Effets Mer’, Le 30-30 (Tours, France)



Solo shows

‘Juste Ciel’, Pavillon d’Auron (Bourges, France)

‘Intime Loire’, Rheinische Landesbibliothek (Coblence, France)

Group shows

‘Intime Loire’, Chateau de Tours (Tours, France)


Art fairs

London Art Fair (London, UK) 2010, 2011, 2012

20/21 International Art Fair, Royal College of Arts (London, UK) 2008, 2009, 2013

Art London (London, UK) 2009, 2010, 2011

AAF (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 2009, 2010

AAF Battersea (London, UK) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

AAF Hampstead (London, UK) 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

AAF (Brussels, Belgium) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

AAF (Hamburg, Germany) 2013

AAF (Stockholm, Sweden) 2013

Art Hamptons (New Hampton, USA) 2014

Lille Art Fair (France) 2008

International Contemporary Art Fair (Istanbul, Turkey) 2007

International festival of the Sea Picture (Vannes, France)



- CHRETIEN Manolo, Manolo Chretien // Aluminations, Red Sea Gallery, 2012. 

Manolo Chretien in English :


Manolo Chrétien - Artist Photographer from on Vimeo.




Associated Videos
>manolo chretien
the instant painter (2014)

6 May, 2014

Associated Exhibitions
>affordable art fair
battersea, london
8 March - 12 March, 2017


by manolo & pia chretien
6 May - 24 May, 2016

>'new waves' by manolo chretien
30 June - 31 August, 2014

>art hamptons, bridgehampton, usa
10 July - 13 July, 2014

>'aluminations' by manolo chretien
15 November - 16 December, 2012

>french art studio grand opening
21 June - 28 July, 2012

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