French Art Studio


>share our passion for distinctively elegant art

Since 2006 >french art studio promotes the French art scene in the UK and around the world.
We are the leading French contemporary art gallery in London. Our intimate knowledge of the French art world helps us spotting and showcasing talent you can't find elsewhere. In a friendly atmosphere, we have curated a rich selection of paintings, sculptures and photographs that often surprise and seduce art amateurs looking for something with distinct personality.

>caroline le luel is gallery director and founder. After working as a business consultant, she launched >french art studio in 2006 leveraging strong personal connections with the French art scene. She has an eye to spot fantastic art off the beaten track.

>jerome le luel is co-founder. He is an entrepreneur in financial services. He loves and collects contemporary art. He believes acquiring art should always be a non intimidating and fun experience.


>french art studio | contact +44 770 483 6453